Boca 45: 45s

The Big Drum Beater is back with another adrenaline-filled project aptly named the 45s EP. A veteran of this record game, a leader of the 45 RPM revolution from the beginning, the Bristol, UK native has made quite a name for himself slinging the little records with big holes all over the world. Whether it’s making people jump up in the UK or blazing stages across the States or Europe, you can not recognize Boca’s sound. And that sound is the drum. Building classic bangers around the many sounds of drums and percussion throughout his years, whether it be for a live set, television or film soundtrack, or his own vinyl record donut releases, he’s consistent and on point. Always collaborating with the who’s who and who you should know of the industry, he’s back like Jordan with the 45 jersey.

Starting off with a collaboration with two of the best, Brooklyn’s own Emskee and Burnley’s first son DJ Woody, the title track “45s” is a break down of all things 7″. It’s 45 RPM vinyl record culture to the very core. With Emskee waxing poetic over a Boca big drum beat(er), the one and only DJ Woody flexes. A treacherous three start this EP off hard. “Ringo’s Lesson” continues the big beat onslaught with everyone’s favorite or least favorite drummer (depending on who you ask). It’s a drum lesson that perhaps some may take note of. It’s all peace and love though, and it knocks hard. Boca is always a champion for the breaks (hence the big drums), “Chew Valley Breaks” is a guitar-laden B-Boy/B-Girl, up rocking jam that will be hitting a breakdance competition any minute now. Of course, Boca throws in some instrumentals, acapella, and a dope remix of “45s” for the DJ to use in their arsenal. They all knock different. It’s even more drums, so neck snapping is inevitable. The man lives and breathes forty-fives. Unmistakable and guaranteed to rock the spot, 45s picks up where Donuts left off, proving the cream (or icing) always rises to the top.

Pre-order the record here available May 7th

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