Night Owls (feat. John Arthur Bigham – “Aht Uh Mi Hed )”

Coming straight out of the Los Angeles music scene and F Spot Records is another scorcher of a forty-five by Night Owls. Putting their reggae touch on another classic, they grab you by the collar and pull you into their world with two sides of very different heat. This seven inch is deep, so strap on your ear goggles and get ready to go.

Known for extremely great takes on classic records, NIght Owls keep the F Spot train running hard down the track, taking on another Angelino in Shuggie Otis, “Aht Uh Mi Hed” features a veteran member of Fishbone and The Soul of John Bingham (yes that Fishbone), John Bingham on vocals. This one floats on a cloud or a beach in Jamaica as Bingham’s vocals feel good over the backing organ and dubby percussion, heavy bass, and reggae guitar. The band always seems to just elevate every song they touch, and again, this one is a mover. Try not to nod your head. The flip, which you’ll recognize as a Beastie Boy sample from “What Comes Around” from Paul’s Boutique is not just nostalgic, but a killer track as well. “Put On Train” by Gene Harris and the Three Sounds get a hearty reggae-filled version for you to skank to. A bit rawer than the original, it does feature the famous “moo maker” honk that really adds some original elements and some sounds from The Big Easy throughout; a nod to Harris and company but a look to the future and how Night Owls roll. The answer to that question is hard and consistent. Both tracks are outstanding and highly recommended, which means they earn a place in your record box. Produced by Dan Ubick and the Night Owls and recorded at The Lions Den in Topanga, CA , have a listen to both sides of this impressive 45 below.

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