NCY Milky Band: Burn’In

With a musical flick of the wrist Black Milk Music makes you jump and twist once again as they bring the debut long player from Nancy, France based collective NCY Milk Band to the forefront of today’s modern music. We’ve heard some excellent single from this band over the years and we’re delighted to hear what’s in store on this LP.

The very first offering we heard here on FMF was “Billy & Bess”, a French rare groove vibe that made us fall in love with their sound, and by the time they got to Our Gurus last year, taking on their heroes and paying homage in their own way, we were definitely hooked. So here we are in 2021 and the full length Burn’IN has arrived. Adding their own sound to the French jazz scene, this record runs the gamut from silky French grooves to slow burning pieces that would set a nice backdrop for some indie B + W flick. “Magic Polo” (which gets an accompanying video) is a percussion filled, atmospheric track, ripe with horns and hypnotic rhythms, while the somber “L’Ombre d’um Homme” is a lone saxophone in the breeze that just grabs you. Sweet Summer nights and long drags on your cigarettes are surrounded by keys and percussion. This is one to dig for sure. Other outstanding tracks on Burn’IN include the title track, which is one of the funky French grooves we were talking about. Library music vibes meets some Jean-Jacques Perry notions. The result is something that moves you. Tracks like “Love Alert” and “Plus Profound” leave the listener floating on a cloud as “Young Fiasco” pushes electronica moods in different directions. There are tracks, particularly “Gotham”, which is a jam of sorts, giving up an early ’70s soul/jazz/ funk feel, that tick all the boxes and give you a feel at what this band might be like live. We’re looking forward to seeing that very soon. But for now, we’ve got this record and that will cure what ails you for a little bit until things get back to whatever normal is. Across the board, Burn’IN is a great listen and a ride we’d take again and again. You can listen to the record below and purchase after the stream, so get to it.

Get the record here.

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