Chris Lujan & Electric Butter: The real Thing b/w Electric Butter

Chris Lujan and Lugnut Brand Records have made a niche for making good records, and that’s a fact. Whether it’s soul jazz, funk, or souldies, the projects he has been involved in sell out quickly and are eventually highly sought after by those who missed out. He and Electric Butter have linked up with Raza del Sol for this new and exciting project on Black Diamond Records. With the success of the last Andre Cruz and The Ready Steady record “Good To Be Home”, it’s now time to slow roll with a new forty-five that we think you’re going to dig. With two totally different moods on the A and B, it’s a one two punch on this seven.

This record is most likely one of the hottest soul records to come out in 2021. Rolling in my six-four with the top down, flipping switches, no love for the snitches (we’re being nice) and the new Chris Lujan & Electric Butter featuring Andre Cruz “The Real Thing” blasting out of the stereo. In fact, we hope that the ’64 has one of those under the dash 45 players so we can really just do it properly. Slow burning, this souldie future classic has Cruz’s silky smooth voice keeping the ladies wanting more. As the label says, it’s “baby-making music” and we agree. They’ve hit on to something with this one. But as always with Lujan and his players, they’ve got another treat. The flip, “Electric Butter” is a a funkier, soul jazz side featuring notable scene leading artist Adam Scone and an appearance by veteran player Charlie Hunter. This thing smokes, and brings me back to the ’90s when I saw Hunter play at the Twenty Tank Brewery in San Francisco for the Jazz Festival. The three of these guys plus Michael Reed on drums lay down a groove that you can’t help pick up. Then you have to play it again and again. This record is pressed in a quantity of 500, and they’re going fast. Don’t sleep, your Discogs account will thank you later. Listen to both sides below and purchase after the stream.

Pre-order the record here, it ships in mid-November.

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