Feeling The Friday: Bronx Slang – Happens A Lot

And just like that, Bronx Slang are back. We’ve caught the vibes of previous red hot tracks “Just Say No” and “Copy That” and this duo championed by the likes of DJ Premier, Tony Touch, and more jump off of the stoop and get in your face once again with a new track “Happens A Lot”. This one is a head nodder with lyrics that cut like the subway slasher, so pay attention.

With a swagger coming straight from the Boogie Down, Jerry Beeks and Ollie Miggs hit this one right out of the park like Reggie in ’77. Spitting over a perfectly crafted beat, the two trade bars so easily; it’s second nature to this Bronx duo. To us, this is what hip hop is all about. Tough as nails beats, no bullshit syrupy slowed down, autotuned nonsense here. The flow is tremendous. With a story of being up, being down, and just being, it’s a true tale and bird’s eye view of how it really is: “Started from the bottom, straight to the top, back down to the bottom, it sure Happens A Lot”. This track is catchy. Trading bars like day traders on Wall Street (but with a street sense like no other), we can’t get enough of this one. Bronx Slang are NYC to the core of the rotten Big Apple and with a sophomore album coming in 2021 produced by UK connects Fake Blood and Jadell, this will get your body moving on a Friday. Hopefully we’ll get another peek at their upcoming record sometime real soon. For now, “Happens A Lot” is on full blast and repeat, and we have a feeling it will be for you. Play the new track below and buy it after the stream. Big tings g’wan in the Bronx right now.

Get the single here.

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