Ann Hoku Lyn: Mama Don’t Take No Mess

What we’re always searching for here at Flea Market Funk is different music. We dig music that is different from the norm, but we also dig people that are doing their own damn thing in their own way. This recently came through to us and we wanted to share it with you, the readers. Rolling in from the Big Island of Hawaii is Ann Hoku Lyn and “Mama Don’t Take No Mess”.

Music has always been that ethereal magic that connects me to something beyond myself. It is the thing that gives me hope in humanity. To me, music is a way of connecting to ourselves and each other in a way that almost nothing else can. Playing music and being aware of the power to communicate, transmute and uplift is a testament to the fact that we are better together than alone.

Composer, vocalist, and recording artist Ann Hoku Lyn grew up listening to Brazilian mixtapes, jazz, folk songs, and R & B. Born in Panama of Argentinian descent while being raised in the Marshall Islands, Hoku Lyn credits her unique upbringing to what her style has evolved into: flecks of urban and tropical grooves mixed in with neo-soul and Latin sounds. Her Spanish roots and the laid-back island feel have shaped the way her music is today. Painting an aural canvas that’s colorful and vibrant, this vocalist and trumpet player brings us a track that is not just funky but with a message. “Mama Don’t Take No Mess” is a slice of ’70s inspired funk but updated with strong women in mind. Says Hoku Lyn: “It’s about women defining themselves in their own terms and following their creative path, not taking mess from anyone!” And we wholeheartedly agree. Connecting with others through music is an important part of why and how she makes music. This track is a perfect example of how to get connected. Sit back, relax, and get funky.

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