Galaktic Rogue: Villainz4Life

When one hero leaves this mortal coil, there is always another that rises and shows his face, A hero that comes through when he’s needed. A hero that looks out for all of the beats in the world, sees what is missing, and then gives the people what they want (even if they didn’t know they needed it!). A hero that we’re introducing today.Enter Galaktic Rogue.

A wise metal faced man once said: There’s four sides to every story

With a sound that is fueled by everything from soundtracks to psychedelia to European grooves, skits of Saturday morning cartoon heroes, Galaktik Rogue gives us Villaz4Life. The Russian producer, who’s previous alter ego had put together loop-digging beat tapes via the mighty MPC has shattered his previous image, “ripped it up and started again” and broke free. With nary a photo to be seen, he’s given a bit of clue via an 80’s song and a post punk comic book. The only flick we got a glimpse of was an MPC2000XL & SP-404SX setup, a Siouxsie and the Banshees poster, a Madvillain comics, piles of cassette tapes, a Doctor Doom figure, scattered piles of compact discs and a dusty Akai LPK25 MIDI keyboard. Does this clue give away this man’s identity? If you’ve been a fan of this site, you might be able to piece it together, but then again, a wise metal faced man said that “there’s four sides to every story.”. The mystery remains, and his heavy beats weave a tale of this super hero from start to finish. Will the truth ever be known? We highly doubt it. His sounds came when they were needed and helped save the beatverse. Listen to the project below, and name your price to buy.

Get the project here.

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