Helsinki Headnod Convention: Dialogue of the Deaf

Record Breakin’ Music out of the City of Brotherly Love has been a champion for all things good music for quite some time. Pushing boundaries, whether it’s their Sound Travelers guest mix series or the plethora of releases that break new ground from funk to Latin to World to neo-soul and more, the label should definitely be on your radar if it it isn’t already. Today’s offering is another special drop from this great label.

In a world that is basically not good, there needs to be open communication and dialogue so we can hear from all who speak, ultimately making this world a better place to live in. Beginning a series of diverse musical dialogues, Dialogue of the Deaf sees Helskinki Headnod Convention open the door, break down the borders and step into the arena like Gangstarr, a place where ideas, thoughts, and communication flows from different people about ideologies via different music styles. Led by Finnish award-winning journalist Heikki Soini, this musical collective has previously released notable efforts such as 2018’s Eargasms for Short-Sighted Post-Truth Era People and 2020’s Fake News, both on RBM. This effort is an ” imaginary discussion between a psychologist and popular science author Steven Pinker and a writer and womanist Owethu Makhathini (aka Zanemvula) and runs the gamut between genres. Thought-provoking and flowing freely, it’s another feather in the cap of the already successful label and one more positive point from this collective musically. Listen to the EP below and get your own dialogue started. Purchase the project via Record Breakin’ after the stream.

Get the record here.

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