Jeb Loy Nichols w/ Cold Diamond & Mink I Just Can’t Stop

When you see the words Timmion and Cold Diamond and Mink on a seven-inch records these days, you are guaranteed two things: a bear of a record that grooves in a big way, and a feeling of excitement that does not go away. Such is the case with their appearance on this new 45 by writer, musician, artist, worrier, reader, sleeper, tree planter, and squirrel watcher Jeb Loy Nichols.

A veteran musician who’s done stints in NYC, London, and now the Welsh Hills, Jeb Loy Nichols give us truly one of the best forty-fives in 2021. It’s a breezy drive throughout the UK countryside on the outside, but when you listen to what’s going on, you hear the heartbreak and distress in the situation. Most definitely trouble all around, the sun turns to dark clouds and night as Jeb’s guitar and Cold Diamond and Mink sail along lovely in a folk/ country/ soul groove. This one is definitely a seven we keep dropping the needle on here in the FMF labs. The flip, a beat ballad called “Help Me Along” is another track that makes you think for sure. Thought provoking and yet light as a Summer’s day, this record is second in a series of seven-inches that go alongside Jeb Loy Nichol’s new album. The high priest of country cool has infiltrated the soul scene with “I Just Can’t Stop”, and we just can’t stop listening to this record. It’s much more than we were expecting, and now we just want more and more from this talented man. Stream the record below via his bandcamp and pre-order the 45, available via Timmion Records on May 28th.

Get the record here.

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