An Interview with David Stolarz

Today, we have a new project from keyboard genius and producer David Stolarz. Composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Pat Van Dyke aka PVD sat down with Stolarz to discuss this new release, his writing process, and this exciting solo project.

PVD: Congrats on the new release.  What was the inspiration for the music?

DS: My inspiration for this EP was a little bit of everything.  Of course there’s hip hop, jazz, and electronic music that I’m always listening to which forms a lot of my personal style.  In addition to that, there’s all of the different musicians I’ve come into contact with, all the gigs as a pianist, as well as the beat cyphers I’ve been a part of that gave me exposure to different talent, styles and workflow.  The urge to accurately craft what I hear in my head into a recording is also a strong force.  Getting as true as possible to that sound is a continual process and one I enjoy and am always working on.

PVD: What was the creative process like?  Were you writing at the piano, in the DAW, or was it a different process entirely? 

DS: My process for creating usually starts while messing around on one of my keyboards.  From there I’ll find some nice chords which will inspire how I tweak the sound and tone.  Or it sometimes starts with a dope synth patch or effect and that will lead how I incorporate drums, or vice versa.  It’s really open. 

PVD: Did you have the tracks fully fleshed out in your head before starting to produce them, or was the creative process more of a gradual one, building off of ideas as you produced the tracks?

DS: From there, it’s a lot about listening and gradually creating as I go, as I rarely have things mapped out all in my head. Music has a way of leading you where it wants to go if you can stay out of the way.   

PVD: What sort of gear did you use in the creation of the EP?  Hardware? Software?

DS: I do a lot within Ableton and software synths in conjunction with a Prophet 08, Korg Minilogue, Moog Little Phatty among others hardware sprinkled in.  

PVD: What went into your decision to release a solo project now?  

DS: I wanted to release a solo project because I believe in the music I make and think a lot of people will enjoy it.  Next, I’m always creating and recording regardless of whether there’s a specific goal to release it.  I ultimately do it because I enjoy the process and it helps keep me happy.  With that said, “STOLARZ” is somewhat of a collection of music I’ve made over the past few years, and I already have new music in the works. So I’m definitely excited to release this first collection!

PVD: As live gigs come back, do you plan on performing this music live?

DS: As gigs make their way back I do look forward to playing this music live. Whether with a live band or chopping things up I’m not quite sure yet.  While I’m most at home behind a keyboard, I’m having fun brainstorming different ways and setups to perform my music in a way that takes me out of my comfort zone.

PVD: What can we expect to hear from you next?  Any plans on collaborating with vocalists?

DS: I already have some new music in the works! And collaborating with vocalists and drummers is absolutely the focus as I move ahead. 

PVD: Great artwork. Who was the artist responsible for the cover art? DS: Loren Abbate ( is the artist who made the artwork for the cover of the EP.  She’s amazing.  I’ve been loving her work for a while now and am so stoked to actually have her involved.  I definitely recommend checking out her artwork. 

Check out the EP below, out today:

Get the EP here.

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