Feeling This Friday: Tampo – Keumgang / Tampomambo

Rolling along this Friday we’re taking a trip over to Helsinki, Finland. Known for it’s sea-facing architecture, modern design, and Nordic cuisine, it’s also home to a diverse bed of music and artists who have been releasing some great projects over the years. Today we’re hitting up the We Jazz label and exploring the band Tampo and their newest forty-five.

While the band Tamp itself is somewhat of a mystery and doesn’t let on too much about what they’re all about, we do know this: this gritty sextet that hails from the busy city of Helsinki has released a gem of a seven for your ears right now. With two sides of diverse music, you get a little bit of magic on both sides. The A-Side, “Keumgang” is an up-tempo number on the Latin jazz tip but definitely influenced by cumbia and mambo. Listen closely and you hear the rhythms that while may not be prevalent in Helsinki, Finland, are expertly laid down for you to groove to. In fact, you wouldn’t even think they were from Helsinki if we hadn’t told you! On the flip, the B-Side wins again. “Tampomambo” is the cut. With a tinge of psychedelia in it an organ this just hits it, this is a solid cut from start to Finnish. It’s got personality and you can imagine sitting in Helsinki on a Friday night, drinking a Hissa Hattara beer and listening to this mysterious band get down. Top notch stuff my friends. Listen to both sides below and pre-order the record after the stream.

Pre-order the record, available on June 11th from We Jazz here.

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