VIDEO ALERT: Kutiman – Saluf

Since the inception of Flea Market Funk, there’s been a few very consistent artists who we’ve covered. Kutiman, who wowed us with a genuine banger of a funk 45 brought down to us from Up North in Canada fifteen years ago from Afro-Kats in Montreal still continues to really lay it down his own way in 2021. His style is really second to none, and when he brings something to the table, even a video from a track two years old, we need to bring it to light.

“We wanted to represent Kutiman’s music with an aesthetic that was true to the nature of “Saluf”, which seems to have a powerful, unchangeable essence. The sensations of loops in “Saluf” inspired us to look to daily routines that seem the same but are constantly changing and evolving. Little by little more layers are revealed and superimposed, both in the music and in the video, creating a fantasy world comprised of our routine life mosaics.”

Dos Hermanos Animation Studio

The track “Saluf” on its own is a powerful one. Forget that it’s from 2019 because that isn’t important. What is important is that  Dos Hermanas Animation Studio has animated this scorcher and brought it to life. We always respect the music and we’re definitely about this video. Check it out below and enjoy!

More info on Kutiman here.

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