Nick Bike: Let’s Edit Together

One can never underestimate a good edit. Whether it be Dusty Donuts or Jorun Bombay or the artist/ producer/ DJ we have here today, Vancouver’s own Nick Bike. Bike’s been dropping his own signature edits like their hot for quite some time. After his take on the Too $hort classic “Blow The Whistle”, let’s get into his newest edition button on his sleeve, shall we?

It’s takes a lot of guts to tackle the Reverend. No, not Reverend Run, but the Referend Al Green. The silkiest of smooth voices and just someone who is one of the best soul singers of all time is really hard to top the originals. But somehow, some way, Nick Bike comes back with funky ass hits like every day. Pumping this classic up with a back beat that hits you right where it should, your feet, you’ll have a hard time not moving to this edit which is sure to be a new classic. On the flip, he flips the same beat and puts it to A Tribe Called Quest’s “Award Tour”. Pushing up the bpms a bit with the new beat this thing gets properly flipped. We particularly dig how the strings and horns get the Nick Bike treatment for a fresh take on both tracks. Bike has a knack for making bangers with a capital B, and both of these are top notch. Never one to disappoint, this is a definite good look for everyone. If you like a good track flip or relick, than don’t pass this one up, who knows how long it’ll be around. Our guess? Not very long. Listen to snippets and purchase the forty-five from the link below. Another winner from Nick Bike.

Get the record from Black Buffalo here.

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