Mampön: Quiérete

Whenever you need to get lifted, there is Rocafort Records. The Swiss record label whose pulse races fast and whose music contains enough grooves to rock a nation, is back once again just in time for the Summer with an exciting new forty-five of afrobeat from the ten-piece afrobeat Spanish collective known as Mampön.

This mucho caliente track is exactly what we need right now. The uplifting rhythms of “Quiérete” rebound around the room and yes, you should love yourself now, because, despite this weird time in our world, you still need to take care of yourself. Blazing horns with dope percussion, guitars that jangle just right, and a Spanish call and response is all you need to know about this track. If you can’t get up and move and simultaneously respond to their call, then call your doctor right away. We don’t care how hot whatever music is on the radio is at the moment, this is a summer anthem if we’ve ever heard one. Rocafort has always had a knack for really putting out quality music, there is not one bad piece in their discography in any area. This one is top-notch and should not be missed. The flip is just as tough, as we get a relick from VooDoo Cuts of the same track. The “Love You More Mix” gets pumped up a bit with some heavier drums in the back end which are a ticket straight to the sky and ups the ante on the dance factor. Both tracks smoke, so don’t sleep on this seven. Listen to both versions of the track and pre-order for release on June 18th on the mighty Rocafort Records. And lastly, love yourself now.

Pre-order the record here.

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