Jason Joshua: Se Acabó

It’s Friday once again and we’re excited for you to hear what we are feeling this week. Today we visit Miami, Florida and one of the hardest working dudes in the game, Mr. Jason Joshua. This cat is always on the run with his music, making moves and lighting up the scene. Today he’s back with a new single, “Se Acabó” on Penrose Records.

If you haven’t heard Jason Joshua or seen him perform, you’re missing out. Joshua is one of the premier performers in today’s soul scene. His Latin soul tracks are reminiscent of the old days, and his crooning will calm the most difficult of people. Se Acabó” is beautiful and somber, a look at navigating through mental illness within a romantic relationship. Despite its heaviness, the track is a serious groover (as most can be). Performed in both English and Spanish, Joshua puts as much motion into this Penrose single like he does with his live performances. Raw emotion flows everywhere, summoning the listener to come closer and let him whisper in their ear “Se Acabó” .

“Her heart was a butterfly flying through the winds of the hurricane of her mind” as he comes to grips with the fact that in spite of his undying love she may never return.

With a beat that is hard enough to move you yet soft enough to keep the lights down low, Joshua’s special delivery from Miami straight to your turntable is some of the best soul music out in present day. Grab this one before it’s gone. Stream the track below and pre-order after the stream. The 45 drops on Penrose on June 18th.

Pre-order the record here.

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