High Pulp: Mutual Attraction Vol. 2

This one’s today features one of the most exciting bands around, High Pulp, who jumps back at you on this past Record Store Day (June 12th) with another edition of their exciting Mutual Attraction series. This series pays homage to the influences who helped shaped the band’s sound. Everyone is influenced by someone, and High Pulp does a top-notch job of getting that message out with this series.

Vol. 2, recorded in the childhood home of their drummer Bobby Granfelt, a place where many positive and fond childhood memories were found. Built by his Grandfather, it would be the house he grew up in, and eventually where he currently resides. It’s also space where High Pulp rehearses and hangs out. A perfect safe space to record, make music as well as memories. Each volume of this series is recorded in a different space and lends a different vibe to the record. This one, with covers from artists such as Arthur Verocai, Cortex & Casiopea gives the listener tastes of music that flew under the radar for some but has made a huge impact on the band and as the record comes out, to many other listeners out there. These tracks are done all live and in one take and are recorded to tape and to video, making this experience a once-in-a-lifetime groove captured forever. This spiritual journey through jazz and beyond has been put together by the formidable King Underground Records. Listen to the record below, and order after the stream. If you weren’t lucky enough to have picked up the green vinyl on RSD, fear not, there is a black version available as well.

Get more info on ordering here.

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