En To End: Money Talks

Excited today with this debut from North London duo En-To_End on the Backatcha label and their single “Money Talks”. If smooth is what you like, En-To-End are the butter on what say what the popcorn. Let’s get into this extremely dope 45 that brings back a period with all the feels and a slickness that you need right now in your life. You ready?

Lead singer Tony Shand and keyboardist David Henriques met at the same secondary school and quickly became mates. Bonding over reggae, soul, R&B, and disco, not the same old pop that everyone else was into, this important meeting would influence their musical future. With Dave playing music in the church from an early age, both took their shared love and interest in good music from clubbing, to brief DJing and making music. Backatcha Records brings this original from 1989 back at you and we’re glad they did. With a UK street soul style, the two mixes on this seven both feel good and aren’t available anywhere else. The first mix is a lush aural landscape that touches on soul, house, R & B as well as some straight whispers. Smooth as hell and the sound will stay in your ears all day. You’ll hear many influences of the time but En-To-End do their own damn thing on this heater. The flip is the All Dayer Mix that really takes you there as well. You can hear everything: the keys, the bass lines, the percussion. Put this on repeat and just go to another place. A great new discovery for you if you’re not familiar with the band or the record. Pulling from the unreleased and rare, Backatcha Records have resurrected this jam for another day. Listen to both sides of the record below and order the record after the stream.

Get the record here.

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