Dusty Donuts 20: Feelin’ Good (Jim Sharp & Goce Edit)

With everything going on in the world today, we are happy that Dusty Donuts kept it going. With head nods and feet tapping, they’ve turned their love for good music, samples, and great artists into a world wide phenomenon that’s Dusty as your pappy’s drawers. With a catalog that is now twenty deep, their remixes, edits and relicks have brought joy throughout the globe.

For number 20, the Dusty Donuts crew put the originator of the very first Dusty release (and many more) Mr. Jim Sharp as well as DJ Goce to completely crush this. They take a Dilla track that was only ever used as a Slum Village intro to early shows and the ten second VHS clip footage to completely smash this edit in the back of the old onion bag. This one swings with jazzy piano stabs, drums that knock and a vocal flip that Jay Dee would be proud of. The flip, “Old Digger” is a track that will work at some old back yard BBQ jams, wedding receptions, birthday parties and any other special event. Your Auntie hasn’t danced for years, and leave it to the Dusty Donuts crew to get her out of the chair and doing her thang once again. Jim Sharp has never been more on point on this release and pandemic be damned, we want to dance. Happy 20th release to this worldwide crew who have made quite an impact on not just the 45 game, but the record game as a whole. Listen to the track below and then listen again. Well done lads. The pre-order is sold out, but look around at the usual suspects and you might be able to grab one. Don’t sleep, there’s no substitute for feelin’ good!

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