Lady Wray: Games People Play

It just doesn’t feel like Summer unless Big Crown Records are releasing heaters left and right. Best believe they are. This time it’s one of the modern day Queens of Soul, Lady Wray. This siren from the ATL has been dropping nuggets for years and as her sound matures, she finds her place with this new single “Games People Play”.

With blazing horns and a sentimental and authentic backbeat, Wray pushes through a soulful tune that screams of heartache, bad decisions, crazy relationships and the silly “shit you do when you are young”. After all, it’s just the games people play Wray nonchalantly let’s you know. Wray’s voice and sound falls somewhere between Aretha and Amy, a slight Southern drawl and an autobiographic pen that is always weaving a true tale that we all can relate to. Of course, the big sound behind her comes courtesy of Big Crown and their own World Class Wrecking Crew, who in years to come will be heralded for the musical body of work that they have been a part of and created. So much of Wray’s life experiences are translated into these three minute plus narratives that make you stop and say: “That’s happened to me at least one or two times.” Like we said earlier, authenticity is the key, and her raw emotions are absolutely available to all through her work while her influences from soul to gospel to R & B shine in this diamond in the rough of tracks. Produced by Leon Michels, this one is a Summer scorcher for sure. Listen to “Games People Play” below and purchase after the stream.

Get the record here.

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