Feeling This Friday: The Dave Pike Set – Mathar

We’ve always been down with this track since a friend of ours turned us on to this monster stomper that was his wedding song. We were always trying to dig it up in the field, and truth be told, if you’re looking to grab an original, you might as well put about $300+ away because that’s what you’re going to be laying down for this thing. We of course are speaking of The Dave Pike Set and “Mathar”.

With raw drums and a sitar that plays for days, The Dave Pike Set nailed this classic, arguably one of their biggest hits from 1969. The life of the band spanned from ’68 to ’72 and in that time they were able to release seven albums and these two scorchers are included. MPS puts “Mathar” on the A and the flip is “Regards From Freddie Horowitz”, a different vibe all together. More like:

Our evening began in Peter Seychelle’s comfortable study
In his New York townhouse
Where the candle light was just right
The hi-fi was in the background
And the wine was delicious

What’s the secret Peter?

I’ll say it’s The Dave Pike Set.

Listen below and buy this double header and get it into your box. It’s a killer reissue, grab it before it’s gone.

Get the record here.

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