The Traffic: Beat It b/w Thriller

What delights us to no end her at Flea Market Funk is the amount of effort a band like The Traffic has put into put out these quality interpretations of classic tracks they’ve been releasing over the years. From Daft Punk to Rick James and more, they’ve gone above and beyond to put their twist on each release. Today, they tackle the King of Pop with a double sider of heat and “Beat It” and “Thriller”.

Everyone in the world had the Thriller album, it was the most iconic release of its time and still continues to be a trailblazing record for new generations. From the list of hits, its production to the classic cover, MJ, no matter what your opinion of his personal life is, cranked the knob to eleven on this record. So it’s fitting that The Traffic turn the knob too, as they give us two bangers on the A and B side. “Beat It” is a fast paced, top notch, horn filled popgasm of sounds. With the flute taking the lead vocal and the backbeat pounding, this is by far one of the best covers we have heard of this track. Let’s not forget that guitar solo in the middle, something EVH would be proud of. A guaranteed floor-filler and boogie ’til you drop feature. The flip title track of “Thriller”, spooky and upbeat at the same time will have you doing your best zombie dance. Featuring killer horns, drum breaks, fat bass lines and more, we’re thrilled at this version as well. Another winner from the good people at Choi Productions. Listen to both tracks below and purchase after the stream.

Get the record here.

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