ATA Records: The Library Archives Vol. 2

While most people were checking out to see what Ed Sheeran was up to, the lads over at ATA Records were digging back into the past and conjuring up music that was one of a kind. We’re talking library music. Not the records you could check out of the library and listen at home, but music specifically made to accompany radio, television, films and the like. Music that took after the greats like KPM, DeWolf, Cavendish, Burton, and I Marc 4. The spirits of these incredible music libraries and players lives on in yet another volume of the series.

The output of the label; from groups like The Sorcerers, The Yorkshire Film and Television Orchestra, and The Lewis Express have always had their roots in this unique genre. Soul Jazz, soundtrack, or big band, their feet were firmly ankle to waist deep in these waters. Not caring what other people thought and just doing it their own way (thankfully!), ATA has established themselves as a fine purveyor of this sound. After the success of Vol. 1, they’re back again for round two and dive deeper into the pool of sounds of the library music world. We get a taste of the record, out July 2nd with a track called “Swamp Cat”. Conjuring up some funky boss sounds as well as  Johnny Hawksworth’s theme tune to ‘Roobarb’, this heavy, flute and organ filled banger is a all you need to have this record in your collection. We’ve got to say, we’re well impressed with this offering, and you will be too. Listen to the track below and pre-order after the stream.

Pre-order the record here.

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