Ghetto Priest: Hercules

Friday comes quick here at Flea Market Funk and we’re back once again with more heat for you to start your weekend off right with. Today we have got one of the biggest and baddest soul/ funk tracks out there, covered perfectly. Let’s get into a proper cover of Aaron Neville’s “Hercules”.

Reggae music has been known to cover soul/ R & B artists ever since they could pick up the radio signal from Miami on the island. Every genre from ska to rocksteady to roots to dub to lover’s rock and more have had their share of top notch cover tunes. It still echoes today, as this banger from Ramsgate gives the 1973 rare groove masterpiece from Neville the JA treatment. Ghetto Priest (Asian Dub Foundation) links up with Carlton “Bubbler” Ogilve while bringing in Ital Horns on brass, Crucial Tony on guitar and Greg Blackman on backing vocals to round out this crew and crush this cover. Taken from the upcoming Big People Music long player on Ramrock, the flip has a killer remix by Ashley Beetle and Darren Morris. Their North Street West Holyvoudoo remix takes a shortcut from JA right to ‘Nawlins for some of that greasy Bayou funk injected into the riddim. And as if it couldn’t get any better, Ramrock are also officially reissuing the original “Hercules” track very soon. You’ll be able to own both of these, the original and the reggae version as well so get ready. Great work by this crew and a proper introduction to this new generation of collectors to one of the best songs ever to be out there. Listen below and pre-order after the stream. Definitely feeling this Friday!

Pre-order the record here.

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