Calibro 35: Post Momentum

Up today we have one of the most consistent bands we have been covering throughout the 14 years plus of Flea Market Funk. Always on point and on time, the Italian outfit Calibro 35 return seventeen months after their last effort Momentum with a new Ep Post Momentum, picking right up where they left off and keeping it funky.

Featuring two alternate versions of “Stan Lee”, vocals courtesy of Ensi and Ghemon, two Italian rappers that push this track to other heights. This is a great version of the track, and an instrumental is featured as the closer of the EP. “Digi-Tales” highlight Calibro 35 and their talents, blazing through cinematic soundscapes while “Stars and Stripes, Chirps and Bleeps” have that library music feel: plenty of heavy bass, wah-wah guitar, percussion with a large dose of organ keep it raw and your head nodding the whole time. There is some robotic participation in tracks “Being A Robot Is Awesome” and “Artificial Black Moon”, that have Sophia, the humanoid developed by Hanson Robotics getting down with the crew. All in all, this bonus is not just a reminder that Calibro 35 aren’t going anywhere, but that they are capable of producing some of the most funky jams around. If this is your first foray into the band, we beg you to get into their back catalog as well. Listen to the EP below and purchase the EP on Record Kicks after the stream.

Get the record here.

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