Lamont Butler: Ungodly War (Al Kent’s Heavenly Edit)

Today’s goodness comes from the good people over at Miles Away, who grab this half a century plus old track from the 2020 reissue of his highly applauded record It’s Time For A Change and put it on a seven inch. This is definitely a track that stands out (although there are many that do on the record), and this time they’ve done a little something different in their process, they’ve added a little extra to an already great piece of music that is “Ungodly War”.

People have always loved that track (Ungodly War), people would always want to talk to me about it and you know it’s more relevant than ever before.

Lamont Butler

Along with the many other top tracks from the LP, Miles away chose this banger as it draws much inspiration from funk, soul, and jazz, always a dead on combination of genres. They have enlisted the help this time of Al Kent, a man who has spent his lifetime hoarding, collecting, and editing rare soul and disco records. Kent beefs up the drums as well as doing a little restructuring of the song. The result is nothing less than fantastic and this thing is dance floor ready right now. The flip, “Get Up And Praise The Lord” is a deep, deep gospel cut that will make you get up and move. In fact, it might even save you. Great work by Kent and Miles Away all around, this double sider is the real deal. Listen to both below and get more info after the stream.

Get the record here.

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