John Reed & the Automatics: On The Run

Well, if you had any doubt about Funk Night Records out of Detroit, you shouldn’t. This Midwest funk powerhouse has been churning out great funk, soul, and other types of records for quite some time. They’re funky, sought after, and never disappoint. We’re saying that straight up. Here’s one that shouldn’t fly by: John Reed & The Automatics “On The Run”.

“On The Run” is part of a trilogy of 45s that have been released by the group over the last few months. Getting right down to funk business, this features heavy drums, lots of banging bass, some fine ass wah-wah guitar and of course some hot synth. While it’s been recorded in 2021, this definitely smells of mid ’70s regional weird funk produced in someone’s basement while listening to a combination of Funkadelic, Love, and piles of Stax records from the local department store. We whole heartedly back this record (and the whole series of releases) from front to back. This is what funk music is all about in twenty twenty-one. Side note, if you’ve got a spy movie that you need a soundtrack to, John Reed & The Automatics seem like they could score it in the proper way. The funks scene is alive and well via Funk Night (pro tip: it’s never stopped), and we implore you to get your weight up and grab these records because like a lot of the discography, they’ll be gone right quick. Listen to the track below and order after the stream.

Get the forty-five from Funk Night here.

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