Kid Sundance: I Went For Wine

Swooping in on a Monday with a somethign new from  Kid Sundance a.k.a. Raimond G a.k.a. Big Kid Skeem, Dutch Gems and Rucksack Records, It’s a new double sided heater that should be in your record box. Why? Because KS is the real deal and can make these records for days!

For those who grabbed the “Get Down James Crown” 45 (which sold out in a matter of days) you’ll be thrilled at this piece of music inspired by a gem from 1992 that has now got flipped by the legendary Dutch producer. Using the SP-12 and SP-1200 on the cuts, “I Went For Wine” is an instrumental remake (and pretty damn close) of a classic cut from ’92. With the objective of the track to “keep your head moving”, it’s four minutes in length and for the purist who say that it’s too slow, we challenge you to remake this on your own. True class and top brass. The flip was inspired by a rare and obscure disco single that was lying around the studio. Add a hot take on a ’90s hip hop skit just a bit faster, throw in some real pimp chatter and more E-mu SP-12 beats, and the B-Side wins again people.   This release will fly under the radar and you’ll be kicking yourself for not grabbing this banger, so go do it now.

Get the record here.

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