The Rugged Nuggets: The Wait Is Over

Highly anticipated long player from cinematic soul out fit The Rugged Nuggets will hit the shelves on 9/24 courtesy of the mighty, mighty Colemine Records. Get ready for some West Coast breezy vibes from start to finish on this one. Both the artist and label aren’t playing around one bit on Odds & Ends.

While everyone else was at Lollapalooza (we know, some Colemine bands were there too), this record label that does was putting on their pants one leg at a time and making gold rekkids baby. Ever since the band has dropped their forty-five “Rugged Walk” in 2019 heads have been waiting for a full length. With everything that has been going on through this pandemic, 2019 seems like 10 years ago. We’re stoked to see this full length come to fruition as the Summer winds down. But the heat will not go away, and this one has been recorded close to the famous Van Nuys Blvd. in the San Fernando Valley. Calling up the cruisers of the past, this record is something you put in your whip and just roll on by real slow like. Throw up your W’s because the Left Coast is the best coast on this one. “The Wait Is Over” comes in like a Spaghetti Western, cool as a cucumber and ready for the heavy drums to keep your head nodding and for you to soak in the day wherever you’re headed. Throw in some horns and it’s a party. This one has got sunshine written all over it. Listen to the track below and pre-order the record after the stream.

Pre-order the record here.

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