De La Soul is Free!

It looks like Hip Hop stalwarts and one of the greatest groups and unique groups of all time, De La Soul will finally be getting their back catalog back and on to streaming platforms later in 2021 via the acquisition of Tommy Boy’s music by Reservoir Media. De La has been battling Tommy Boy over their back catalog for years, their business practices, uncleared samples and the like. Their very public battle over their rights to their music from the start and boycott in 2019 of Tommy Boy that opened eyes of those who weren’t in the know was championed by fans and their Hip Hop constituents alike. This awareness, however long and arduous was the right catalyst to finally finish this thing out right.

The record business isn’t really into giving back the artist their catalog.

Maseo/ De La Soul

Their early, genius use of samples by Prince Paul on 3 Feet High and Rising and the unclear rules of sampling music back then (aka the Wild West) contributed to the murkiness of the musical waters and the re-acquisition of Tommy Boy by founder Tom Silverman from warner Music in 2017 did not help this situation. But with perseverance and hard work by the team De La Soul has surrounded themselves with, their music will be coming home back where it belongs. We’ll be monitoring this situation and can not wait to see their great music on all streaming platforms. This is news that we are glad to hear and a victory not just for De La but for hip hop and music itself. More details to follow…..

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