Mike Bandoni – I Thought Of You

Bringing you a slice of goodness from the former drummer of the Craig Charles Fantasy Funk band and founder/ leader for the outfit Funkshone, Mike Bandoni, today’s forty-five is “I Thought Of You” on Skyline Recordings.

Born in the middle of 1970’s in London, this self-taught musician was playing from an early age. Proficient on drums, bass, keys, guitar, percussion, and the turntables, he’s released a variety of records that span genres since 1994. “I Thought Of You” gives us a full on seventies cinematic soul/ jazz vibe. It’s got CTI influences written all over it, and if you didn’t know it, you’d think it was rocking in ’74 somewhere in a smoky East Village jazz bar. Heavy on the keys with an airy, Summer’s day feeling, this track could easily be mistaken for some long lost rare groover that was found in a basement in present day by some top notch players no one ever heard of. But it’s 2021 and say his name: Mike Bandoni. Rolls off the tongue like this track rolls along. It’s got this lo-fi danceable quality that could work early on or late, late on the dance floor. Wherever you’re going to play it, at home on your personal turntable or for public consumption, it’s an under the radar jammy. With some elements of of jazz/fusion running through it as well, we’re going to drop the needle on this one quite often after it comes over from across the pond. Listen to the track below and purchase it on Skyline Recordings after the stream. Go on Mike, you’re crushing it with this one!

Get the record here.

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