JKriv feat. Angela Johnson – Not That Serious

Feeling this Friday! Making his debut on Big Love, Label honcho, DJ, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist JKriv has a new track out today. Don’t let the title fool you,, this thing is serious business. Featuring Angela Johnson on vocals (who co-wrote the song), Derrick McKenzie of Jamiroquai on drums and JKriv on everything else (just about), “Not That Serious” hits all of the right feels from start to finish. One of the many songs this talented, all around artist wrote during the pandemic, this is truly a track that not only makes you feel good, but could uplift your whole block simultaneously. With hot bass lines & riffs, top-notch drums and face melter keys, this thing slaps. The crew does not waste any precious time and gives us more love all night long. Continually putting out bangers wherever he goes, this is a flashback to some wholesome boogie/ disco goodness and quite frankly, we need the positivity right now. Enjoy this track from start to finish and let’s hope we’re gonna see it on vinyl at some point. Check the track below and order the single after the stream. This one is a certified “boogie jammer” if we can quote JKriv, and a keeper from the very first drop. If you’re late to JKriv’s party boat, climb aboard but bring your dancing shoes, you’ll need them! Just be assured it’s not the waves that will be rocking the boat.

Get the track here.

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