Mitchum Yacoub: Cumbia Divine

Today we visit San Diego, CA and get hit hard with the debut single on All-Town Sound by Egyptian American mulit-instrumentalist, producer and DJ Mitchum Yacoub. A drummer who you know has got soul, because if he didn’t he wouldn’t be in here, delights us with his “Cumbia Divina” 45.

Yacoub is inspired by artists like James Brown, Fela Kuti, and Dr. Dre. to name a few. His sound takes you back to Africa in the 1970s, with plenty of bass and drums (just the way you should like it). His first single and the first on the All-Town Sound label combines classic cumbia with psychedelic dub layers that will hit hard for fans of both genres. Dance floor friendly, this sound from Yacoub’s four piece outfit has vocals from Divina Jasso (coincidentally a housemate and friend of Mitchum) and with hard hitting drums and bass as well as plenty of horns, this one’s a winner. But Mitchum Yacoub is not finished, the B-Side comes through with the track “Bansuri”. Named after an Indian bending flute, this one floats on like a sunny day at the beach and elevates your mind from the very first drop. Two hits in one in this smashing debut out of San Diego, we’re looking forward to more heat coming out of this camp. This one is available on a translucent red or a standard black forty-five. Top-notch work done by this gentleman right here. Stream both sides below from his bandcamp page and purchase the record after the stream.

Get the record here.

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