Boca 45: Version Excursion

Back again with another mix and not just trying but actually setting the night on fire, Boca 45 returns with an all donut Version Excursion. This Project is another trip with the big drum beater as he lays down the little records with the big holes once again. It’s pumping out all different versions of popular tunes from start to finish, and these actually blow the pants off of the original tunes (you be the judge but we think so!). The mix is done in the way Boca can do: mixed flawlessly with precise cuts and top notch selection. Did you expect anything different?! Here are the details:

*Limited Edition 
*Strictly 100 copies ONLY !
*Numbered & Signed 
*Never Available On Line – only available on this CD !

Listen to a two minute snippet here:

This limited edition mixes go very quick, so don’t sleep on this Boca 45 jawn!

Order here.

Dig Deeper!

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