The White Blinds – Shimmy Sham b/w Fire Eater

It’s good to hear and see the new forty-five from the Left Coast’s premier funky trio The White Blinds. In their final installment of their homage series on F-Spot Records they finish up strong with a double sider of extreme heat in “Shimmy Sham” and “Fire Eater”.

As the series goes, this last part of the trilogy sees Michael Duffy, Matt Hornbeck, and Carey Frank offer up a dope original followed by a cover. The original this time is “Shimmy Sham”, straight up TWB from the the very first note and continuing to wow us once again like they always do. Get ready to line up in your b-boy stance because this one has it all: pulsing guitars, heavy on the low end and of course drums for days. The organ glides through effortlessly , these chaps are still on the forefront of organ funk like we said years ago. Keeping pace and taking no prisoners, these cats are just getting started. Finishing up this colorful series, they chose the classic Rusty Bryant “Fire Eater” for their final number in the group of tracks. Slowing it down a notch (like that even matters), they proceed to annihilate this cover with superb guitar, on point drums, and of course our favorite: the organ once again. Just a super sweet (and by sweet we mean nasty) cover of the Bryant classic. If this is your first intro to the track, sit back and take in the mastery of this band because school is definitely in. Take note at that drum break too. Another winner from F-Spot and The White Blinds. Listen to both below and pre-order after the stream.

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