Alex Figueira: Maracas b/w Grasping & Wishing

Back again with another solo single, Alex Figueira gives us a whopper of a forty five on the Music With Soul label out of Amsterdam in two tracks. While both are polar opposite of each other, the label’s eclectic releases continue to pile up and their discography grows with this latest seven.

If you were familiar with the early MWS releases, then you’ve no doubt got the Fumaça Preta records tucked away in a freak out box somewhere. The music was in your face and loud. It was raw, and this latest solo effort reminds us of those earlier releases. “Maracas” is not quite three minutes long. However, the force it brings in that two and something minutes is heavy. In your face breakbeat drums start off hard, and in a twist and turn of events push the envelope like Aphex Twin does. It is indeed a freak-out, combining breaks, techno, macumba and funk into a whirlwind of aural vibrations. Again, MWS pushing the bar up higher and moving into uncharted territories. The flip, “Grasping and Wishing” features the vocals of Maddie Ruthless from New York City’s Lovers Rock darlings The Far East. A tripped out, psychedelic ballad is a slow burn of sensual vocals combined with sitar and Wurlitzer (a winning combo in our minds). If you do not know Alex Figueira and Music With Soul, these releases always go fast, and with a flip side like “Grasping”, this one will be on want lists and high duckets on Discogs in years to come. Check out both tracks below and then order after the stream.

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