The Lions: Cumbia Rebel

We’re more than thrilled to see a new record from the LA based crew The Lions. Their hit “Jungle Struttin’ ” has been a staple in our DJ box (and many others) for years. So, much to the delight of DJs everywhere, they’re back again with a heavy forty-five on Ubiquity Records.

Their new single has been a staple of their live shows, and the hybrid reggae/ cumbia version of Bob Marley’s “Soul Rebel” has been slaying audiences for years, so much that they decided finally to get it down on a seven inch. A hot lava rock from the top to the very last drop, this version is another testament of why the band is so good. Innovative and on point, the listener has no choice but to really get down when this track comes on. A Marley cover is a big pair of shoes to fill as it is, but to inject some cumbia in it and nail it, that’s just incredible. The Lions pull it off with flying colors, but they do not stop there. The flip contains the version of the track, and in dub fashion completely slays. We can see this getting top spins as well. Check out both tracks below and order this thing because it’s selling all over the world from The Left Coast to Japan, The Lions are back and roaring loud! The record is also pressed with the little hole, so you know that’s a huge bonus for all you selectors out there. They do it proper, not just with the music, but with the whole package as well. Big Ups to this crew once again.

Get the record here.

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