Kendra Morris: Catch The Sun

And just like that, the Summer is extended, and we know this for sure because the new Kendra Morris record is proof positive that you can ride out the Summer a bit longer and give it a hot soundtrack to boot. Morris returns with a new banger “Catch The Sun” on Karma Chief Records.

Fresh off of her early Summer heat “When We Would Ride”, Kendra Morris gets down in the sand with this one. Promoting “a brighter way when the light of day will come” the soulful siren sings over some dope production from Philadelphia’s Eraserhood Sound. With some feel good aural stimulation over synthesizers and psychedelic guitar, this one breathes some fresh air into an otherwise stale end of the hot season here. It’s definitely filled with some posi-vibes, and if you haven’t yet bought a ticket for the Kendra Morris train that is rolling into the station, it’s time you got with it. This is the ticket to have and this talented vocalist take you there. Don’t know where you’re going? That’s ok, Morris can lead the way with this belter. Check out the track below and grab it after the stream. This, and the previous single will be available on the forthcoming double A-side forty five in 2022.

Grab the track here.

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