Rudy Norman: Back To The Streets (Flying Mojito Brothers Refritos)

Here’s a record that may flown under the radar but is a remix project that is not only dope, but got the nod the artist himself to make this already classic go into the future. We’re talking about the 1980 AOR killer track “Back To The Streets” by Rudy Norman.

We can’t tell you how ace it was receiving an email from Rudy out of the blue a while back not only saying he digs our work, but asking us to remix Streets. One of those dope moments that you could never predict happening but serves to remind us one of the amazing reasons why we do what we do – to make connections with people.

Flying Mojito Brothers

For the first time this song gets remastered and remixed and put on a 12″ at the artist’s request and we here at FMF couldn’t be happier. In fact, it came out just as the world was emerging from all of the lockdowns; almost a sign that we not only have to get back to the streets, but back to life itself. This is a shining example of that. The Flying Mojito Brothers cook up some electronic disco with their reworking of the track. This one moves swiftly and before you know it, the bass line and groove will take you away. Complete with a breakdown and irresistible percussive charm, file this record under incredible. The FMB have done a tremendous job on this one, a project that they and Rudy Norman should be super proud of. Check out all versions below and purchase the 12″ after the stream.

Get the record here.

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