Brassroots: Good Life

We always love a good brass band cover here at Flea Market Funk. Whether it’s the brilliance of Breakdown Brass with their hot ass hip hop and funk covers of Dr. Dre and Rick James, or the upbeat funky mojo of Down Under The Traffic, who have been gaining fans with MJ and Daft Punk covers, it’s great to see these bands take on such massive tracks. Marching bands have been doing it for decades, and when we see the fruit of their labor finally pressed on vinyl and moving dance floors, we get excited. Today’s banger is no different. Let’s get into “Good Life” by Brassroots.

The original global anthem “Good Life”, which propelled Kevin Saunderson and Paris Grey to stardom is chosen by London’s Brassroots to cover on this forty-five. Originally on 12″ (and long out of print), it’s now available on a seven inch. Taking the original and giving it new brass life is really something. With energy of a late night club jam, this track has the ability to rock stadiums. It’s an incredible take on this undeniable classic. Upbeat and spot on, Brassroots will not just please the heads who dig brass bands but we feel that will touch others who not just love the nostalgia of the rhythm and track itself, but the sheer pro treatment and respect they’ve given this massive jam. The flip sees Aaliyah’s try again get a Brassroots reworking. Listen to “Good Life” below and purchase after the stream.

Get the record here.

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