Skeme Richards: Mack Of The Year

Leave it to Captain Fantastic aka The Nostalgia King to come correct once again with another project that sticks out, catches your eye, and just is plain dope. Enter Mack of The Year, not just a mixtape, but a celebration baby!

The Mack of the Year is the theme to this year’s party and you’re all invited!

Skeme Richards

To celebrate a half of a century on this earth and most of that time doing what he loves to do, play good music and share it with people all over the world, Richards has put together more heat for you in the form of a mix tape. His long standing collaboration with Record Breakin’ Music out of the City of Brotherly Love is still going strong, and the music and art for the tape itself are on point. “The Mack of The Year was born with a musical theme of Rare Groove and Soul to be enjoyed any day or night of the week especially when freshly dipped and sipping on your cocktail of choice and at your favorite speakeasy (which could very well be right at home).” This sounds like a perfect combination. Your RSVP to the party is getting your hands on a copy of this mix, which you can do below. Limited to 200 copies, grab one now because you’ll be crying later Goldy, it’ll be on ebay for $500. This release is stricly analog with no digital, so break out those cassette decks or your Walkman. More info at the link below.

Get the The Mack of The Year.

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