The Preservation Project Master Series THREE

It seems that the Preservation Project have done it again. In the hunt for even more obscure funky records, they’ve got their hands on an unheard Bay Area acetate dug up at a flea market by Dr. Scott Bulleit who’s contributed to the Project with it.

The Master Series (for people who can understand that some things just can’t be tamed) are rough recordings from busted acetates that are so good, you don’t mind the hiss, pops and clicks. That’s always a huge debate in the record game, some can take it, some can’t. But, if you can, this 1970’s psychedelic deep funk two-sider is for you. “This Is Me” is quite a record. Side A hits hard with the strings and produces a string break (tough stuff), but the flip is where the money is, With plenty of wah-wah guitar, piano and bass, Preservation Project claim that this is the best drum break no one has heard in fifty years. We would agree, this thing is massive. Not sure when I’ve heard a drum break this long in a minute (Sweet Cherries “Don’t Give It Away”? Long but definitely not as funky as this!) The catch is, it’s not as clean sounding like you would expect, and like we said earlier: it’s not for everyone (well the break is). While the quality is not perfect, they cleaned it up the best they could. It’s still a major find and we’re happy they’ve put it out there. Click the link to stream both sides. Made in a small batch, twelve of these records have sleeves hand drawn by the one and only McBoingBoing. Bonus.

Get the record here.

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