Willie Williams: Give It All I’ve Got

There’s one thing certain, and we know this for a fact: soul music heals. No matter what you need heals, this aural tincture of heartache and grooves is sure to cure whatever is ailing you. Today’s medicine is no different as we get into a fantastic forty-five on Dave Welding’s Soul Junction label.

The label jumps out with another winner here with two cuts from Willie Williams, a blind singer out of the city of Chicago that made a splash on the soul scene in the 1960’s. Signed to ABC in ’66 by Johnny Pate, he was discovered playing around the Windy City in a variety of clubs and would go on to put out a few singles that got some attention. This double sider, “Give It All I Got” and “Do You Understand” is a nice resurrection of the man’s work by Welding who has already got a CV for properly releasing these soul gems. “Give It All I Got”, with its raw drums and full harmonies is so full of emotion, it’s really an anthem for the rest of the day. Encouraging and lovely, Willie “Soul” Williams as he was known for a while was on to something. The flip, Do You Understand” is a more upbeat number, moves the pace up a bit and gets a bit funky with great sister backing vocals and a definite Midwest soul feel from start to finish. Listen to both sides below and order after the stream. Remember, soul music is good for you and feeds your soul. This record does both and then some. Sadly, Williams is now deceased. However, his music lives on. Willie, your voice is heard loud and clear.

Get the record here.

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