The Big Breakdance Contest 1983

Here’s a historic performance in NYC from the Roxy back in ’83. The winners of this contest won $2500 in cash, an appearance on New York Hot Tracks, as well as a key role in the “new” movie Beat Street. Hosted by Leslie Uggams and co-hosted by WKTU’s Carlos De Jesus, it featured a bevy of celebrity judges that included Anita Morris, football great Hershel Walker, All My Childrens’ Debbie Morgan and Darnell Williams, Earl ‘the Pearl’ Monroe, Disco Fever Owner Sal Abbatiello, WABC News Anchor John Johnson, Saturday Night Fever and Beat Street Choreographer Lester Wilson, and artist Lillo Thomas.

Break Dancing is a little bit like jazz where you improvise around some basic moves. You don’t step out in front unless you know what you’re doing.

Carlos de Jesus/ WKTU 1983

Featuring a short doc on the history of hip hop featuring interviews with with Afrika Bambaataa and members of the Zulu Nation. Bonus footage of a 1983 Burger King commercial from the airing that was specifically about hip hop. We were feeling this back then and we’re still feeling this now. Enjoy the footage, the music, and if you were into Beat Street, you know who won the whole thing.

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