True Flavas Band: S/T

Coming out of the Stereophonk camp in France we’ve got a tremendous record from the True Flavas Band. While we have been used to heavy breaks and hearty B-Boy offerings set alongside some other diverse acts, we’re extremely excited to hear a record like this come through Flea Market Funk today.

What started out as a a quartet of turntablists putting together live sets of various genres has turned into a full, live band set up that does the same, and more. Representing St. Petersburg Russia and at the top of the food chain of their avant-garde music scene, True Flavas draw their influences from many areas. This record has elements of hip hop, funk, ambient, electronica, house, jazz and more. This record is a stone cold groove and that’s no lie. True Flavas have now become a larger community of musicians and DJs who have the same vision; to knock down musical walls and produce exciting, ground-breaking groove oriented music for the discerning ear. It’s a trip that you can afford to take any time of the day or night. More than background music, at times you can rock with it, at times it feels like it’s library music, and anthem for a movie that hasn’t been made yet, or the soundtrack to your everyday life. There’s something in it for everyone.

This is a record you’re going to wish you had your hands on when it’s eventually gone. Hand screened cover in limited numbers, you’d best not sleep on this nugget from the Stereophonk label. . In short, this record is one of the best under the radar Lps we have heard all year. Listen to the entire record below and order after the stream.

Get the record here.

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