The Tornadoes feat. Tyra Hammond: You Got Me Thinkin’

Mukatsuku Records swinging hard for the fences on this latest funk monster on the label. Always grabbing tunes and keeping it funky in a lot of ways no matter what the genre. Today’s selection hits on that heavy, heavy monster funk sound, the funkiest sound around. So listen buster here’s one that may have zoomed past you before, but now’s your chance to get your hands on it..

Grabbing the bull by the horns and releasing this tough to get 2006 New Zealand effort by The Tornadoes featuring Tyra Hammond, “You Got Me Thinkin'”, Mukatsuku keep it tight on this release. Heavy, heavy funk vibes with Hammond wailing her sister siren’s song, this really feels like the early 70’s as opposed to the middle aughts. The bass line is pretty kicking, and with the addition to the horns and extra percussion, this thing smokes. Mukatsuku have the knack for digging up quality sides to get your body movin’, and this one does the trick. The break on this record is a monster, so you may need to get two copies to get your drum fix there Charlie. The unreleased instrumental is on the flip, so have fun with that as well. This is a 500 piece pressing, so go for yours and get funky. Listen to the track below and order after the stream.

Grab the record here.

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