Tonio MC – Brigitte

They say music is the universal language, and we back this up 100%. Another scorcher of a track has come through the offices of Flea Market Funk and it’s from French artist Tonio MC. This one brightened up our day and we’re hoping it does yours, too.

I no longer fear anyone,like Brigitte on the Harley, soon I’ll take flight – I keep my hands on the airframe” {translated from French} – Tonio MC, Brigitte 

With production duties from Louis Angeles and Aurelien Falconnet, “Brigitte” is a slow burner, as Tonio switches up between singing and rapping, flowing effortlessly over some heavy drums and synths. It’s smooth, both his flow and the finely crafted beats pair together like a fine Bordeaux and a beautiful sunset. If you’re not used to rap in another language, fear not, get out of your comfort zone and let the music take your mind. This one has steadily burrowed in our ears and has pushed to the top of our listening queue on the daily. Tonio is experiencing a moment, the track “Good Times” alongside Mothas La Mascarade, Georgio & Lomepal is certified as Gold and streamed more than two million times. Check out the track “brigitte” below, sit back, light it up, and then repeat. Tonio MC is here to stay.

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