Altered Tapes: Heart of the Groove

Altered Tapes is again on the one again with another slice of their work pressed on a seven inch. The Chicago outfit comes correct once more with a reworking of the classic Dee-Lite dance floor killer track “Groove Is In The Heart”. Help on the flip from King Most with a second track to make you move. Let’s get into it.

The A-Side is all business as one of the most well known dance floor fillers is deconstructed and put back together again with original elements of the samples. Heavy beats. Check. Added percussion Check. More cowbell? Check and check the drum break. This re-lick will have the b-boys and b-girls working out in a big way. This is a great reboot of the classic, injecting some action into it all around and making us love this track even more. The flip sees the man from the Bay King Most grab a Salsoul disco classic with a super catchy backing track that combines jazz and funk, basically a nod to the mid 70’s in a big way. It explodes because Most treats ’em right on “It Ain’t No Game (Go! Go! Go!)” This one is a double heater and we’ll be playing this at Shake! no doubt. Listen to the track below and then order after the stream.

Get the record here.

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