Bubaza: Battlestar b/w Countdown Dub

When there is an all star West Coast gathering from these two distinctive bands on a newly released record, you need to stop what you’re doing and run to get that record. We’re happy to announce that for the second release on All Town Sound, the label has hit up Left Coast royalty for a scorcher of a forty-five. Enter Bubaza.

The brainchild of Jungle Fire’s Steve Haney, Bubaza consists of Haney, Tim Felton, Jake Major, & Omar Lopez from Sure Fire Soul Ensemble, as well as Michael Duffy and Pat Bailey from Jungle Fire. These rebel lions form like Voltron to reach out to the further reaches of the aural universe and give the listener a new sound. “Battlestar”, a fuzzy, guitar and percussion driven track throws out the fuzz and heavy drums/ percussion throughout. It’s a melting pot of delight from this MVP lot and we are digging it from start to finish. The flip, “Countdown Dub” explores the outer regions of the sound universe as well. Full on heavy dub with lots more tossed in. Soundtrack vibes? Definitely. Library sounds? Absolutely. A little help from Boostlive’s Seiji Komo and the heavy bass space exploration is really in full effect. Great first effort by this super group, All Around Sound nailing it on their second release. Watch out for this label! This one will be out on or around December 3rd, so get those pre-orders in now because you know the deal McNeal if we can quote Uncle Sloppy aka Ricky Powell (RIP). Listen to both tracks below.

Pre-order the record here.

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