Feeling This Friday: Fantasy 15 – Galaxy Oasis

This one is as good as it get s on a Friday morning. Repping Philadelphia’s Eraserhead Sound and their native planet Zoltandia, the only band that can push the Cantina Band into another solar system and take the title of best intergalactic band is Fantasy 15.

Laying down a hot slice of future funk, this synth heavy sound really touches upon everything from funk to soul to boogie to disco to hip hop to New Wave and more. “Galaxy Oasis” is a trip you really need to take with the band. Sweet vocals that move with the groove and keep it all tight and in the pocket will have you playing this side over and over again. It’s so contagious as the vocals state, we now know that Fantasy 15 are not liars on their planet, the speak the truth always. This one has got late night vibes written all over it, and if you can’t get down then you must be from a planet that doesn’t have music. This record has been elusive as it has sold out quickly, but with any luck it’ll be back in time to get into the hands of the space travelers who couldn’t grab it with light speed. Listen to the track below and while you’re at it, browse the EP too, the rest of it is what we imagine some Mandolorian listening too in their helmet out saving someone from some evil thing. Feeling it this Friday.

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