blu.collective: Rising Above

Starting off the week right with some slick and smooth tracks from the blu.collective, we’re taking it back to a time when hip hop and R & B blended together flawlessly, when the Soulquarians ruled the nation and when brown sugar was bumping in your whip on a late night long drive with your lady friend.

blu.collective, from Sydney-Toronto have put together a definite throwback sound that will get people off of their feet and screaming “Ooooh Weee!”. “Rising Above” a D’Angelo-esque trip has all of the sweet notes that get you going but with some Jay Dee type beats piped in to keep it bouncing. It’s a soulful nod to two of the greatest (unintentional or not), this one will make you feel good. What we are really getting off on though is the flip: “Beers At Samir’s”. This thing is a funk jawn to the core. Heavy beats and a bass line/ Rhodes that just blasts it out there, we’d be remiss to not mention the flute and underlying scratches that complete our new favorite track. This soulful and heavy funky track is what we like to hear. Contrasting from the sexy A-Side, this is gritty, get down funk, as the players leave enough room to walk it out all around. A pure winner tried and true. Don’t sleep on these cats. Listen to both tracks below and then purchase the record after the stream. Let us know via DM or on our socials what you think of the tracks, we’re looking forward to hear if you dig or not.

Get the record here.

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